On Tuesday afternoon, the Alternate Capital put into operation the Communication Center 911 and is installed in the building of the Río Cuarto Departmental Regional Unit.

Its objective is to attend emergency calls and the spite of resources, to provide a greater amount of information for the operator in order to improve the appropriate response speed in each case.

Those who were part of the inauguration act were the Deputy Chief of the Police of the province of Córdoba, Ariel Leclerc; the Director of South Departments, Hector Gutierrez; the Director of the Río Cuarto Departmental Regional Unit, Gustavo dellamea; the Sub-chief of the Río Cuarto department, Hernan Etcheverry and the Government and Security Delegate, Robert Koch.

This new technology will work as center of attention, containment and response in the event of emergencies in matters of public safety, intrafamily and gender violence, catastrophes, and will be linked to the traditional police number 101.

The Deputy Chief of the Police of the province of Córdoba, detailed: “La Fuerza modernizes and refunctions the call reception center and mobile dispatch, towards an internationally recognized turn that is 911. This allows the community to have it more recorded. I clarify that if someone has the need and dials 101, they will be treated in the same way, that is, this number is not eliminated.