The Ministry of Economy confirmed that the program will also cover the sale of tickets for musical shows and plays that take place during the winter break.

The Government highlighted this Monday that the “Ahora 12” program, which allows the acquisition of goods and services produced in the country, among the items in force until January 31, included tickets for shows during the winter holidays. The initiative tends to increase purchasing power and maintain domestic consumption.

The Ahora12 program to make purchases in up to 24 fixed installments is extended until next January 31, to continue financing card purchases at the lowest rate on the market. In addition, eight sectors will not change their prices,” the ministry said in a statement.

The program includes 35 categories of products and services of national origin, such as household appliances, clothing, footwear, leather goods, cell phones, construction materials and even shows for winter holidays, among many others.

The Nominal Annual Rate (TNA) of the program remains at 72.75%, since the regulation establishes that the financing rate of the program remains at 75% of the rate published by the Central Bank for fixed terms.

It was also announced this Tuesday that the financing ceiling for four items included in the plan is increased: motorcycles at a value of $730,000; glasses and contact lenses at $62,000; medical equipment at $450,000 and shows and cultural events at $42,000.