In these winter holidays, “la villa” invites you to the 38th edition of the Alpine Chocolate Festival to rediscover what you love most: the unique and unmissable flavors of this traditional festival, as well as the natural landscapes and of the unforgettable moments that can be lived in the #destinoquequeremos

Festivity inspired by immigrants from Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, maintaining the Central European tradition with the aroma of the representative aroma of hot chocolate. In this panorama, the Hall of Events and Conventions of Villa General Belgrano will be filled with tourists who will happily experience the music and dance of the different communities, and the great show that will unfold in the peculiar “chocolate fondue”.

Like every afternoon of the characteristic event, those present will receive some snacks with fresh fruit that they will then be able to dip in hot chocolate. There will also be shows for the whole family and shows with artistic productions of a varied musical genre: jazz, tango, Latin American rhythms, folklore and others. And as always, an outstanding space for the dance groups of Villa General Belgrano; representing countries like Spain, Germany, Italy and Argentina. On the other hand, and for the little ones, children’s meetings with magic numbers and children’s and youth theater plays to enjoy throughout the duration of the party.

The representative party will be with free admission.

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