This Thursday, the governor John Schiaretti, signed the decree establishing the doubling of the amount of family allowances for provincial public workers and the increase in the remuneration brackets for their calculation, thus broadening the scope of the regime to a greater number of provincial State workers and granting greater purchasing power to those who have dependent children and other family situations.

The measure reaches more than 32 thousand public agents, among which there are 19,600 teachers, 7,700 security agents, 4,000 from the general ranks and 700 from the health team. The increase is effective as of April 1, so it will be impacted on the salary settlement that is received in the coming days.

Since April, the new values ​​of the monthly allowance per child, including prenatal care, will be up to 6,480 pesos, depending on the worker’s income brackets, with a pocket salary cap of 300,000 pesos. In the case of workers with disabled children, the monthly allowance will be up to 25920 pesos. It has no age limit or maximum income limit for the worker.

The amounts and remuneration brackets are also updated for all annual or one-time payment allowances such as school aid, birth, adoption and marriage aid.