The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, announced a 40% increase in the Alimentar benefit. Official sources indicated that “so far this year the reinforcement is 90%” in this benefit.

The minister explained that “Alimentar is intended for holders of the AUH (Universal Allowance per Child), pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy, people with disabilities and holders of a Non-Contributory Pension for mothers of 7 or more sons and daughters”.

“The 40% increase in the amount of the benefit will bring the values ​​to $12,500 for those who have 1 child, pregnant women or children with disabilities; $19,000 for those who have 2 children and $25,000 for those who have 3 children or more,” he specified.

He also stressed that the benefit reaches “2,413,316 families who are holders of the Food Benefit, of which 55.9% have a son or daughter, 27.7% two sons and 16.4% three or more sons and daughters.” He explained that it reaches “a total of 4,046,899 boys and girls, among whom 3,906,024 are sons and daughters up to 14 years of age; 67,353 sons or daughters with disabilities and 73,522 are pregnant women.”