Carlos Brinner’s statements in the Realidad 2022 program hosted by Cristian Pérez left repercussions throughout the political sphere of Córdoba, for this reason, in “La Mañana del C”, Chelo Meloni and Germán Negro analyzed some of his words that revolutionized Radicalism Cordovan in particular.

It is worth mentioning that Brinner (current Mayor of the town of Bell Ville) expressed his discontent with his own political party for “not feeling represented.” “I do not agree with how Radicalism Carazo conducts” sentenced the radical leader.

After reviewing Brinner’s most outstanding sayings, the journalist Marcelo “Chelo” Meloni described his words as a “bombshell” when he said “that one of the few mayors who has radicalism in one of the largest cities in Córdoba such as Bell Ville says that radicalism does not call”.

In this regard, Germán Negro added that Brinner “is ignoring the president of the party himself, who is another peer, such as Carazo.” “What is Brinner going to do? Where is he going to locate himself now? ” These are some of the questions that Negro raised.

In short, what is going to happen to radicalism in Cordoba? Everything remains to be seen, although “today they are very far from reaching an agreement,” the journalists agreed.

Look at the analysis without waste of Marcelo “Chelo” Meloni and Germán Negro here:

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