A supposed association of building managers released a statement in which they expressed discomfort with the series El Encargado de Star+ starring Guillermo Francella.

In the very harsh letter, the group expressed the discontent among the members for the role played by the actor in the series and the plot in question: “Given the facts of public knowledge and the enormous impact that the new series made by Guillermo Francella, who speaks of our profession, we want to express our total repudiation of both him and the production of this fiction produced by the Star+ platform, which has caused us enormous discomfort,” the statement began.

“Its violent corruption does not represent us in the least and that is why, together with the group that we form, we have decided to go out and show our faces so that people do not get carried away by this dark history that leaves us so badly unemployed,” he continues. the letter signed by Diego Trejo, head of the entity.

Given the repercussion, with positive comments, the group maintained: “These days and after having suffered different things in our daily lives for this series, we want to tell everyone that our profession has absolutely nothing to do with what is told and with the attitudes that the mentioned actor interprets that until now we respected him as a worker”.

“We are not going to allow, under any point of view, that citizens begin to ignore us and look differently because of a prejudice falsely imposed by this nefarious story that was only created to brutally attack us,” they said.

Finally, they expressed the need for the production and the actor to apologize publicly for the production: “We extend our hug to each colleague and request public apologies for this series that should never have been done under these conditions and finally we want to clarify that this group of people does not belong to any union since we act independently”.