When we receive an audio from WhatsApp, we are not always in the most comfortable place or situation to listen to it, or we simply do not feel like listening to it and prefer to read a simple text message instead. It has even happened to all of us to indicate to another person not to send us an audio because at that moment we will not be able to listen to it and they still send it.

In this note we tell you how in a few simple steps you can convert that audio into a text. The first thing we must do is download the Transcriber application for WhatsApp from our mobile store.

The app that allows you to convert WhatsApp audio into text • Canal C

Once we download it, we must enter WhatsApp and select the audio that we want to transform into text.

Then we click on the Share button and select the option “Transcriber for WhatsApp”. And that’s it, in a few seconds the application will offer you the transcription of the audio note.