Renowned film director Martin Scorsese will bring to the big screen the story of an Argentine novel by Argentine writer Ariana Harwicz. It is about the literary work “Kill yourself, love”, which will be starred by the actress Jennifer Lawrence. In addition, it transpired that the producer bought the rights to the two books that complete the Trilogy: The weak-minded and Precocious.

The Argentine novel that will be brought to the big screen by Martin Scorsese • Channel C
Ariana Harwicz Argentine writer. Photo: (Telam)

The film will be titled the same as the original work: “Die, my love” and so far has no release date. The story will take place in a town in France and will recount themes related to family ties, motherhood, madness and love. Speaking to Infobae, Ariana Harwicz, commented: “I rejected several proposals from platforms to make series because they flattened, impoverished and ideologized the plot, as we already know that platforms usually do”. However, the writer could not refuse the American director’s offer and in this regard she said: “In this case, I thought it would have much more artistic quality because it was produced by Scorsese, whose production company chose the cast. In addition, they bought the three novels”,

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In recent times, adaptations of books by other Argentine writers have reached screens around the world, such as: Claudia Piñeiro, Guillermo Martínez, Samanta Schweblin and Tamara Tenenbaum, among others.