On November 17, 1984, for the first time, the mythical cuartetera band from Córdoba took to the stage for the first time. At that time the group led by Manuel Mauricio Cánovas appeared at the Club Unión San Vicente. From there they began a career on the rise through which they garnered endless fans of the band.

In the year 2000 the band experienced one of its worst blows when the leader of the group died after suffering a cerebrovascular accident and remaining in a coma for some time. However, the ideas of this alma mater materialized perfectly, so much so that to this day Trula is in full force and maintains the same trulalero feeling as in its beginnings.

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In the history of Trulala, several artists joined the group, among them: Mario Gutierrez, alias “Marito”, Luis Martin “el Negro” Chocolate, one of the musicians who stood out the most in the history of the group. Edgar Efraín Fuentes was also present, more known as Gary, and who was the main voice.In addition, the band coined an important number of artists such as Pepa Brizuela, Claudio Toledo or Jean Carlos.

Here we leave you the most listened to songs of Trulala:

I don’t know how to live if it’s not with you


sleeping in the wrong place

you change my love

– + feat La Konga