March 31 marks National Water Day, a date to raise awareness about its use and the need to take care of such a valuable resource for life, development and maintenance of people and ecosystems.

Within this framework, Aguas Cordobesas will hold a celebration together with the Barrio Jardín CPC inviting the community to reflect on its importance. Under the slogan “Water today, water tomorrow, water in the future. A good future”, a series of activities will be carried out where people, through an augmented reality application, will be able to interact and bring the paintings to life, being able to observe and reflect on how the image changes when adding or removing the water.

These works were performed live in 2019 during Water Week by local artists Sol Martínez, Anita Rizzi and Mëx Zapata. Today these paintings continue to expand their message through the APP “Aguas Cordobesas Experience”, with which the paintings can be scanned and interacted with virtually to reflect on the importance of caring for the resource.

People who want to participate can go to the Barrio Jardín CPC, located on Celso Barrios corner of Av. Pablo Ricchieri, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.