Although there are still two weeks left for the publication of the INDEC inflation data at the national level, the surveys have already begun to account for the increase in prices during the first month of the year, historically characterized by being the height of the summer season.

A survey of the newspaper La Voz del Interior reported that in Cordoba super and hypermarkets closed January with a rise of 6.27%. This data implies a slight slowdown compared to last December, the month in which the rise was 6.6%.

Between January 2022 and the current one, the rise was 109%. In other words, a year ago the basic food basket for a typical family of 4 people (2 adults and 2 minors) cost $37,725, while now that same basket it costs $78,934.

The warehouse item, made up of non-perishable foods, infusions and eggs, was the one that registered the least increase: 3.2%. On the other hand, meat suffered a rise of 5.2%. “In the last weeks of the month the price of meat has had an important movement, and it will continue to increase”, expressed Víctor Palpacelli, president of the Córdoba Chamber of Supermarkets and Self-Services (Casac).

“Among dairy products, the one that showed the greatest increase was butter, with 22 percent,” says the report, adding that the group of fruits and vegetables was the one that increased the most in the aforementioned period, with 21 percent.

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It is worth remembering that the beginning of this year was punctually marked by the strong rise of the blue dollar, which peaked at $390 in Córdoba and set a new historical record, with an advance of around 40 pesos throughout January.

This situation worries specialists who consider that the month of February will be marked by new bursts of inflation thanks to the updating of services, prepaid medicine, communication services, among many other scheduled increases.