The Cordoba Ombudsman released the data from its most recent report that locates the Basic Food Basket (which determines the level of indigence) in $54,541.06 for a family of four. The monthly variation was 6.4%, while the interannual rate was 89%. So far this year this value has increased by 77.9%.

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The CBT (Total Basic Basket)which in addition to food includes miscellaneous expenses, in October had a price of $123,262.80. On the other hand, the individual CBA for a person with celiac disease was $22,471.71. In this case, the monthly variation was 7.28% and at the interannual level, 94.16%.

By type of food, the variation was as follows:

• Eggs and dairy products: 11.35%
• Fruits and vegetables: 22.9%
• Flour and legumes: 17.63%
• Sugar: 16.78%
• Sweet milk: 9.30%
• Fine salt: 7.56%
• Common coffee: 6.81%
• Oil: 6.62%

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