Extensions are tools that facilitate many activities of daily life. Some are useful for watching movies and series, others for downloading videos from Google, among others. Currently there is a wide range of extensions, below we will tell you which are the most downloaded and which you can take advantage of the most.

1. Edit Office files in Drive

Each person uses their own applications for their productivity tasks, some opt for Office, others for Open Office or Google Docs. With this extension you can change the files so that they can be opened in Google Drive without any problem.

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2.Google translate

This extension allows you to translate web pages completely with a single click. This is due to the improvements that Google Translate has undergone, which works better and better every day.

3.Save to Google Drive

With this tool we will only have to click on the files that interest us and they will be automatically saved in Google Drive. This will allow us to simplify our work significantly and in a very simple way.

4. Picture-in-Picture: videos in the background

It allows us to watch the videos we want in the background. Thus, we only have to touch the “Picture-in-Picture” icon and we will be able to move the window of our video to any other part of the screen.

5. Mindful Break

This extension will ensure that when we are stressed we do some breathing exercises.