A video circulates on the TikTok social network and has become a new viral. It is about a puppy that helps with the housework and does not hesitate to reach for the broom to clean the house.

This is the case of Arturo, the pet of the moment that was released by its owner on the Tik Tok account @melina.mah and already has 3 million views, 248 thousand likes and around 1,500 comments.

Viral: the best helper for cleaning the home • Channel C

It is a clip that he recorded in response to a comment made by his followers in a previous video. She starts by saying the following. “Hello. Since many people asked how we did to train Arturo, well, it was something like that”. In the previous video, her dog was looking through the railings of the stairs and she gave him the order to bring the broom.

Users were surprised to see Arturo’s behavior and immediately praised his actions and also that of his owner. Some shared that they tried to apply the technique but that their pets do not listen.