Last Tuesday, March 14, the edition of “Carpool Karaoke” of the program The Late Late Show with James Corden and included the participation of the Latino artist Bad Bunny, who was also in charge of opening the most recent ceremony of the Grammys singing hits like “The blackout”, “Titi asked me” and “After the beach” with which he has reached the number one position worldwide.

the presenter james corden he asks a star for help to avoid traffic and get to his show on time and in this edition, Bad Bunny he was the chosen one. The traditional segment began by talking about the origin of his stage name and his intention to pursue a musical career where his identity was unknown.. “The concept of an artist that I wanted to be was that type of artist who doesn’t reveal his identity, I wanted to wear a rabbit mask, I never wanted to be that famous but then things happened and I got carried away. A bad rabbit, no matter how bad it is, will always look cute. I am a good boy”revealed Bad Bunny. “Like DJ Marshmello”, answered james corden before the confession of the Puerto Rican regarding hiding his identity.

During the trip, topics such as the presentation in the Grammys and the musical tastes of the artist who performed singles by singers such as Ariana Grande and Harry Styles. Bad Bunny He also showed another facet by confessing that he always liked to draw a drawing of the presenter during the development of the program and, finally, he also referred to his love for wrestling where he was invited to a ring in the company of string sharing with the professional wrestler Mystery King.

The bad rabbit is hogging the spotlight in USAand not only with this participation in one of the most watched TV programs in the country, but also because of his rumored romance with the model kendall jenner.