We tell you about different web pages with thousands of titles available to download in the most used formats and suitable for viewing on cell phones, computers, tablets, among others.

E-books have become increasingly popular among readers, one of the main reasons being the possibility of having a large number of books on a single device. In addition, they are a sustainable option as they do not have to be printed on paper and can be read directly on the different web pages online.

We tell you about the best websites to download books for free:

1. Elejandría: It has around 1,500 free books that have been published by the platform and are in the public domain.

2.Free PDF: It has more than 5,000 titles available to download in pdf format.

3.TusLibros: It has more than 5,000 books that can be searched through its categories or even its search bar.

4.ePubLibre: It has more than 34,000 books and new titles are added every week. It also has forums and comments from other users so you can read the most recommended books.

5.Biblioteca Digital Hispánica: it has more than 1,000 classic works that can be downloaded in PDF format completely free of charge.

6.Google Free: It is considered the largest digital library in the world.

7.Project Gutenberg: It has more than 60,000 works in several languages

8.Wikisource: It has a large number of books and translations in multiple languages. We can find more than 118,000 different titles only in Spanish.

9.Amazon: It’s very easy, you just have to enter the platform and write “free books”. Amazon has a fairly large free library, the only problem is that the vast majority of these books can only be downloaded in Kindle format.

10.Open Culture: A blog dedicated to culture where 800 free works have been compiled in eBook format.

11.Open Library: It has thousands of free books, most of them classic literature. It allows you to download the books in various formats, and you can even read them online directly from the web.

12.BookBub: A page that is dedicated to looking for temporary offers to obtain free ebooks from a large number of genres, from recognized authors to other independent ones.