Maintaining a small gap compared to previous months, the blue dollar rose a few cents this day: it closed at $193 for purchase and $197 for sale, positioning itself at 65.71% above the official value, which was located at $112 .30 and 118.88 according to Banco Nación.

This value is 1.02 percent higher than the close of the previous day. Last week the informal currency began an upward trend, since at the beginning of this period it was located at $191.00 for the purchase and $195.00 for the sale.

On the other hand, the tourist dollar (savings or solidarity) is trading today at $196.15. This value arises from adding 30% of the PAIS tax to the price of the US currency, and to this amount is added a surcharge of 35% in advance to the payment of income tax.

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