The last week of June began with all dollar prices on the rise, especially the blue dollar, which is sold at no less than $233 in the caves of Cordoba, while in Buenos Aires it is a few pesos lower, selling for approximately $229.

In this way, the informal currency renewed its record and maintains the gap with the wholesale official above 80%.

For its part, the dollar MEP Today, Monday, June 27, it is listed at $232.65 for the purchase and $232.86 for the sale. The counted with liquidation it is $238.32 to buy and $238.88 to sell. The dollar at official exchange rate it increases to $129.25 retail at Banco Nación and $129.93 at the average of the country’s financial entities. Meanwhile, the wholesaler opened the day at $124.71, marking an increase of 47 cents from the previous close.

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