The price of the “blue” dollar advances $6, is sold at $297 in the parallel market and adds two consecutive wheels on the rise. Thus, the gap with the official wholesale exchange rate (which rises 20 cents, to $132.40) stretches to 124.7%, after having climbed to 160% on July 22 last, its maximum in 40 years.

Through the roof: the blue dollar close to $300 • Channel C

The free dollar reversed a streak of three consecutive losses on Tuesday and accumulates a rise of 42.8% so far in 2022. During August, the parallel dollar accumulates a rise of $1, after ending July at a selling price of $296.

As for the financial quotes, the cash with liquidation operates at $283.47 and the Stock Market or MEP, at $284.65. For its part, the retail dollar is sold at an average of $139.30, the savings at $228.94 and the tourist, at $243.27. The international reserves of the Central Bank fell by US$29 million on Tuesday and ended at US$38,009 million.

President Alberto Fernández will swear in Sergio Massa this afternoon, who will formally take office at the Ministry of Economy in a ceremony that will take place at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum. The market awaits with expectation the first measures to be announced by the new head of the Palacio de Hacienda.