A very hectic week for the foreign exchange market. In a few days the blue dollar shot up like never before and climbed to its highest point. Yesterday it had closed at $341, today it reached $354 and rebounded, to settle at $342 by the end of the day. For the purchase it remained at $330, also stable.

The country risk, for its part, also suffered a significant rise of 1.1% and reached 2,945 units. Finally, he fell back and was at 2,899 points.

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The informal dollar shows a gap of almost 160% compared to the wholesale official exchange rate and more than 147% compared to the retail average.

In Buenos Aires, the blue dollar closed at $333 pesos for purchase and $338 pesos for sale, also registering values ​​above three hundred and fifty pesos. As for financial dollars, the MEP dollar closed at 317 pesos, and the Cash with Liquidation (CCL) closed at 325.

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