The busiest week in recent months in economic matters closes with the blue dollar rising again. In Córdoba, the informal currency was traded at $263 for purchase and $273 for sale. The advance was thirteen pesos with respect to the values ​​it had when the markets opened.

In Buenos Aires, on the other hand, it closed at $265 for the purchase and $270 for the sale.

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In the first week of July, the parallel market dollar operated with wide volatility due to the uncertainty generated by the resignation of Martín Guzmán, the assumption of Silvina Batakis in the Ministry of Economy, her statements regarding the use of money in the abroad and the BCRA’s ban on buying in installments in free shops. Thus, since the beginning of the month, it has accumulated an increase of $32.

On the other hand, other quotes operated as follows:

• Cash with liquidation is listed at $291.81.
• The MEP or Stock Exchange, $281.17, with a downward trend.
• In the retail market, it sells for an average of $133.18.
• Savings or solidarity dollar, at $218.21.

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