This Wednesday, the blue dollar continued to rise to $493 at the selling point and the financial exchange rates registered a sharp drop, when the new provisions to operate with cash with settlement and the MEP. In Córdoba, the blue closed at $498.

After operating stable for almost the entire trading session, at the close of operations it advanced to $493 for sale and $488 for purchase, and the gap with the official remained at 109.4%. In the stock market, the dollar Counted with Liquidation, traded with the bond GD30, fell almost 4% and closed at $462.3, and the gap with the official exchange rate was 96.2%. He MEP or dollar bag, traded under the same title, fell $463.4, with a fall of about 0.7% and the spread stands at 96.7%.

He Central Bank (BCRA) finished the last round of the short week with net purchases for US$ 111 million and in the month it accumulates US$307 million for its interventions in the exchange market. Agro-exporters made settlements for US$332.6 million and accumulated income of some US$3,542 million so far in May.

Given the missing US$20 billion in revenue from the droughtinternational reserves maintain a downward trend and yesterday they pierced the floor of US$33,000 million to settle at US$32,907 million.

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