Once again, the blue dollar surpassed its all-time high. On the day of this Tuesday, the unofficial currency reached $401 in Córdoba for sale, and $394 for purchase, while in the Buenos Aires caves the value reached $397 and $393, respectively. The fact is that the exchange rate gap is positioned in the 86% against the retail dollar and 91% compared to the wholesaler. The free dollar has already risen by $51 since the beginning of the year, that is, 15% in three months.

Specialists point out that this sharp rise in the blue dollar was affected not only by the rise in financial dollars, but also by the sale of reserves by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. (BCRA), on the same day that the Ministry of Economy announced a series of measures to help the countryside to alleviate the extreme drought that has affected crops and livestock for months.

Pedro Siaba Serrate, Head of Research & Strategy at PPI, said that “Many dollars are leaving and the BCRA has to intervene in the Single Free Exchange Market. The situation does not seem to improve going forward, because the drought had a very strong impact on the projections. We calculate a production loss of about $22 billion. And needless to say, all this is reflected in more pressure on the exchange rate gap”

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How much are the other quotes:

  • • Average official dollar: $213.98
  • • Bag dollar: $380.44
  • • Cash with liquidation: $393.35
  • • Crypto dollar: $385
  • • Solidarity dollar: $353.10