The blue dollar is trading down $4 and is being offered at $260 for sale and $265 for purchase in the parallel market, while financial quotes are also moving lower in early trading.

In the informal segment, the currency closed the previous week with an accumulated rise of $31, in the context of pronounced exchange rate volatility and economic uncertainty. The blue reached $285 a week ago, after the resignation of Martín Guzmán and the arrival of Batakis at the Ministry of Economy.

As for the financial dollars, they are trading lower compared to Friday’s close: the cash with liquidation is sold at $292.54 and the MEP or Stock Exchange, at $280.33. The retail dollar trades at an average of $133.70 and savings or solidarity, at $219.86.

The blue dollar fell after the Batakis announcements • Channel C

Source: Dollar Today

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