In a new day marked by inflation, the blue dollar becomes unstoppable again. This Wednesday in Córdoba it reached a new record: it is trading at $365 pesos for sale and $357 for purchase, surpassing any previous historical record.

In Buenos Aires the situation is even, since the informal currency opened rising, and it is achieved at 360 pesos for sale and $354 for purchase. The blue ticket accumulates four consecutive days on the rise and the gap with the official wholesale dollar is now stretching to 99.2%.

According to market operators, the increase is caused by a readjustment of the price against inflation. Regarding financial dollars, the cash with liquidation operates in decline, $332.99while the Stock Market or MEP does so, at $325.42.

Economic specialists assure, for their part, that this sustained increase responds to a boost taken in December with the Qatar dollar, which was higher, and tourism; in addition to the need to generate savings and the rush to buy to save against a significant escalation.

The retail dollar trades at an average of $188.20 in banks and exchange houses, savings at $309.79 and the tourist at $376.38. The Central Bank ended the previous session with purchases for some US$12 million in the foreign exchange market and reached a favorable balance of US$76.5 million in January.

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