The price of the official dollar closed yesterday at $140.58, with a rise of 71 cents in relation to Friday, while the stock dollars -counted with liquidation and MEP- operate with a disparate trend. In the informal segment, the so-called “blue” dollar registers a drop of three pesos, to $290 per unit.

In the stock market, the dollar counted with liquidation (CCL) advances 1.5%, to $288.88; while the MEP fell 1%, to $278.02, in the final section of the session.

In the wholesale segment, the price of the US currency registered an increase of 68 cents compared to the previous closing, at an average of $133.57.

Thus, the dollar with the 30% surcharge, contemplated in the PAÍS tax, marked an average of $182.75 per unit, and with the advance payment on account of the Income Tax of 35% on the purchase of foreign currency, $231.96 . Meanwhile, the dollar destined for tourism abroad, and which has a rate of 45%, stood at $246.01.

Source: Telam