This Tuesday, the Dolar blue started the wheel with a strong jump of $7 and closed to $488 for sale in the city of Buenos Aires, in a day of strong price volatility, while financial prices also operated on the rise.

In this way, the upward trend that had been expressed the day before when it closed at $483, with a rise of $9 in the day He Central Bank (BCRA) completed this Monday the seventh consecutive round of purchases by $60 million in the market and the negative balance for the month fell below the $100 millions.

The foreign exchange market specialists explained that the disparate dynamics between the parallel dollars, which leads them to be equal in price, responds to a context of strong intervention carried out by the Government, in the exchange market, after the announcements this weekend. . Likewise, the rate of devaluation that the BCRA will impose on the price of the official dollar is awaited with expectation.

In Córdoba, he went up five points during the day and overcame the barrier of $490finally closed in $485 for purchase and $493 for sale.

How much are the other exchange rates

  • official dollar: $242.37 (+)
  • Wholesaler: $231.10 (+)
  • Cash with liquidation: $449.36 (+)
  • MEP or Bag: $442.78 (+)
  • Savings or Solidarity: $399.91 (=)
  • Tourist: $424.15 (+)
  • “Qatar”: $484.74 (-)

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