On a volatile day for the foreign currency, The blue dollar has managed to establish a new historical record in the city of Córdoba. At the beginning of Friday, July 10, the parallel currency opened at $500 for sale, one peso less than its all-time high recorded at the end of last month.

However, in a matter of hours, the price of the blue dollar shot up to $504, thus exceeding its previous all-time high. This increase surprised market operators, who had expected a day of greater stability.

In the city of Buenos Aires, the price of the blue dollar began in $495 to later settle at $499, evidencing a slight difference compared to the situation in Córdoba.

The blue dollar had reached its previous record on Tuesday, April 25, reaching $497 in Buenos Aires and $500 in Córdoba. However, during the month of June, it managed to exceed that mark, reaching $501 in Córdoba and $496 in the Argentine capital.

At present, in the city of Córdoba, the blue dollar is quoted at $500 for sale and $492 for purchaseshowing a significant gap with respect to the official value of the currency.

The blue dollar is the informal version of foreign currency, obtained outside the official market and without the control of the Central Bank. It is usually considered an indicator of the political and economic uncertainties that the country is going through.

It is worth mentioning that these fluctuations in the price of the blue dollar are added to the measures implemented by the Argentine government to control the exchange market, such as the increase in the collection of income taxes and taxes on Personal Assets for operations with cards intended for consumption in dollars on trips and expenses abroad.

Córdoba: the blue dollar reached $504 and established a new historical record in the price • Channel C
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