The blue dollar rose $10 and is selling for $479 in the parallel market. The increase coincides with the implementation of the measures adopted by the Government to limit the options of Stockbrokers to operate in the financial prices of the ticket.

Until noon on Tuesday, in Córdoba it was at $481 for sale, an increase of more than seven pesos compared to last Friday’s close. The price was expected after the announcements made this Monday by the National Securities Commission (CNV) regarding more restrictions for its acquisition in the wholesale market. This is Resolution 959/2023, which prohibits operators from buying MEP dollars or Cash with Liquidation through credits taken in sureties or passes.

After starting the day with a drop, the financial exchange rates began to rise: the cash with settlement reaches $441.72 and the Bosa or MEP at $433.71. The official measure aims to reduce the demand for dollars that are bought on the Stock Market so that the Government can intervene in that market with the bonds that it exchanged from public organizations.

The retail dollar sells for an average of $230.70, the solidarity dollar for $377.87, and the tourist dollar for $459. The banking activity renewed the purchase quota of US$200 by individuals, although the universe of people who can access this benefit is increasingly restricted by provisions of the Central Bank.

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