The parallel dollar closed higher at $289 at the selling point, after overcoming a low opening, while the financial exchange rates registered slight setbacks, according to the main foreign exchange market prices.

The blue dollar started the wheel down and reached $286 but at the close the price rebounded and is still one peso below its price at the end of October of $290, while the gap with the official exchange rate was 82, 6% and with the official wholesale around 81.0%.

The Central Bank (BCRA) totaled sales of US$243 million during the week after releasing US$49 million today to meet market demand.

In the Buenos Aires stock market, the Cash with Settlement dollar fell almost 50 cents and ended at $304.40, with a gap with the official wholesale exchange rate of 2.3%. The MEP or stock dollar fell 56 cents to $293.48 and the exchange difference with the official dollar reached 85.4%.

The savings or solidarity dollar, which includes taxes, closed at $271.95 and the tourist card or card ended the wheel at $288.44. The retail exchange rate reached an average of $164.99 in the banks of the local market, while the note in the Banco Nación ended the day at 164.50.

The Qatari dollar traded up to $329.64 and the wholesaler closed at $158.28, thirty-six cents above yesterday’s close and rose $2.26 during the week, somewhat above the $2.23 increase in the previous one.