This Thursday, the “blue” dollar does not find its ceiling and closed at $512 in the selling point of the city of Buenos Aires, thus representing an increase of $9 compared to Wednesday’s close. In Córdoba, the currency in the informal segment was offered to $518.

The US currency opened in this market with a strong rise, which took the price to $507, then it fell slightly and finally, after noon, it shot up to its current value.

How much are the other exchange rates:

Official dollar: $276.50.

Wholesale: $264.35.

Cash with liquidation: $508.92.

MEP or Bag: $495.18.

Savings or solidarity: $456.22.

Tourist: $486.10.

“Qatar”: $553.

The informal market is going through days of great uncertainty, amid tension between the national government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reach a new deal for foreign debt. Negotiations with the IMF came to a standstill again and the sending of the mission to Washington was delayed. The point that binds the agreement is the magnitude of the fiscal adjustment that the multilateral organism demands.

The Fund demands that the fiscal deficit be reduced by up to 1.9%, while the Government wants to do the same, but at 1.5%.