The 36th edition of the most important cultural event in the interior of the country begins this Thursday: the Cordoba Book Fair.

This opportunity innovates with activities for all audiences, 10 cycles and more than 60 bookstores. It offers a circuit to enjoy the Fair as an urban experience.

New languages ​​and technology will integrate the grid. There will be a menu for children, inclusion, gender, dissidence, diversity, indigenous peoples and human rights. Also music, theater, projections and gastronomic area.

The fair is organized by the municipal Ministry of Culture and admission is free.

It will be held under the motto: “The city, all the cities”. The proposal is for a fair conceived as a full experience, in which although the book continues to have centrality, it is expanded to give rise to various cultural events, recitals, experiences and artistic and gastronomic expressions, within the framework of a broad concept of culture with a global perspective, inclusive and accessible to the entire population.

In a few days, citizens will experience a true festival of letters, but also of the arts, music, flavours, cinema, books, talks and technology and theater for children, young people and adults.

One of the keys to this edition lies in the proposal of an “experience” Fair, an invitation to enjoy our culture from literature and beyond the book-object, and may include various languages ​​and audiences, from music, performing arts , new technologies, with interventions and performance, screenings, talks, workshops, presentations, transmissions, samples and gastronomic proposals with more than 10 stalls, adding to the premises that are part of the urban landscape and the area of ​​influence through discounts, promotions and activities.