Finally, Rubén the buffalo arrived last night at the Tekove Mymba Sanctuary in Entre Ríos. Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, the staff decided to leave the door of the trailer open so that the animal could decide the exact moment in which it was ready to leave.

The relocation was made possible through an agreement between the Municipal BioCórdoba entity and the foundation within the framework of the reconversion of the Zoological Garden into a Biodiversity Park in the city of Córdoba.

The property where Rubén is currently located has 64 hectares of natural area and is located in the municipality of Colón. There he will share the space with two male buffaloes from India, “Felipe” and “Gigante”, who were also transferred two years ago. years from a zoo located in Tucumán.

From the Ente BioCórdoba they explained that for the animal to continue its adaptation process, it will be left for about two days in the handling pen until it acclimatizes and then it will be able to enjoy the meadows and forests.

Watch the exciting video of Rubén in the sanctuary: