Last Saturday, legislator Oscar González was involved in an accident on the way to the Altas Cumbres in which a 56-year-old teacher died. After being charged with “aggravated manslaughter”, the investigation continues adding elements.

Not only is it presumed that it was González who crossed the lane on a double yellow line in the middle of a curve, but it was also learned that the license plate of the car in which the provisional president of the Legislature was traveling is cloned.

The AB 293 MY domain is part of the National Automotive Property Registries (DNRPA) of the province of Buenos Aires, in the town of Quilmes. For this reason, we try to determine how he came to handle it.

Relationship with Gaston Sessa

The original vehicle had the former goalkeeper for a year Gaston Sessa and it is white, not black, like the one Oscar González was driving. The footballer himself confirmed that, when selling it, whoever bought it told him that “fines began to arrive every day from Córdoba.”

Therefore, they hired a manager who discovered that there was a “twin” vehicle. Then Sessa himself said that he returned it to whoever had bought it.