Cacho Garay, Mariana Clemenceau and Verónica “Bambi” Masías, part of the cast of “Y volvimo’ nomá…”, visited Espacio Canal C presenting their play. It is a completely renewed show, which empowers women, which goes through different musical genres and which, how could it be otherwise, ventures into humor at the hands of Cacho.

“We are experiencing it intensely, with emotion and with the anxiety of those who are waiting for the time to enter the soccer game. That’s how we felt, we started the season that way and today we’re still the same. Every night for us is a premiere”, says the comedian, who returned to the mountain town after 8 years without having a season there.

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For her part, Bambi talks a little about her role on stage: “My participation is quite particular because it is a genre that almost no one does here: opera arias. I’m a soprano, I’m studying that. One day Cacho told me ‘if you do this I’ll put you on stage’, and I did it”, the singer says with a laugh. To which Cacho Garay adds to the artist’s sayings and affirms: “I listened to her sing lyrical and one day I told her if you do that on stage you have a place, and she earned it”

In reference to what it is like to work on “Y volvimo’ nomá…”, Mariana Clemenceau assures that “as a team the truth is that we come along very well, with my stage partner here (Bambi) we spend a lot of time together, we prepare, make up and stretch together before leaving. It’s a beautiful team”, says the flamenco singer.

It should be remembered that tickets to attend the show are on sale through the Theater box office or through the platform.

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