The elevation to trial for the murder of the adolescent Joaquín Paredes in October 2020 was confirmed. The case was classified as easy trigger, since the young man was shot in the back by the Police in Paso Viejo, department of Cruz del Eje , for allegedly failing to comply with social isolation due to the pandemic. The elevation to trial had been requested in April.

It should be remembered that the defendants are six police officers: Enzo Ricardo Alvarado, Ronald Fernández Aliendro, Jorge Luis Gómez, Maikel Mercedes López, Iván Alexis Luna and Daniel Alberto Sosa Gallardo.

Alvarado, López, Luna, Fernández Aliendro and Sergeant Jorge Luis Gómez are accused of being co-perpetrators responsible for the crime of aggravated homicide, for having been committed in abuse of their duties, by a member of the police forces, in ideal competition with the crime of aggravated homicide by the use of a firearm.

Deputy Commissioner Sosa Gallardo, must respond as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of qualified threats for the use of a firearm. Joaquín’s family expressed their dissatisfaction with the progress of the case as they stated that half of those involved have been released on bail.

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