Sources from the Mint confirmed that the batch of paper money whose delivery was scheduled for June was brought forward and is already in the hands of the monetary authority. “Now they are the ones who decide, we have no interference in that decision,” pointed out from the institution in charge of Angel Mario Elector.

The new denomination is essential to expedite transactions that are carried out in cash within the framework of an inflationary rhythm of more than 100%. In February, the Central Bank announced the issuance of the $2,000 bill, although specialists estimate that a higher value one was necessary. The new banknote was developed together with the Casa de la Moneda and commemorates the development of science and medicine in Argentina.

It will have as protagonists Malbrán Institute, Dr. Cecilia Grierson and Dr. Ramón Carrillo, precursors in the development of medicine in our country. On the front of the bill, there will be the figures of Grierson and Carrillo, and on the back, the building of the National Institute of Microbiology is represented. Dr. Carlos G. Malbrán.

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