The Cordoba Regional CGT it will have new authorities with the recognition of the national labor union after a plenary session to be held on March 30.

Horace OteroCGT normalizing delegate, indicated that a great advance has been achieved after a debate of more than 50 organizations in which it was agreed to set the date of the normalizing plenary for the first time in more than 20 years.

“We are going to carry out a legal and representative Federal process where the National CGT is going to recognize the authorities that arise from this plenary session” specified and affirmed that the structure of “This renovating CGT that comes with a greater and more willful force.”

This new stage will have the support of the two hundred unions that make up the National Secretariat. The plenary will be held on March 30.

Otero also indicated that this agreement means that “It has the legality and representation of the National CGT, which grants you a certificate of authorities and recognition through not only the governing body but also the Ministry of Labor of the Nation, since we carry out this legalization procedure after more than 20 years”.