This Tuesday the driving of the General Confederation of Labor held an event to commemorate the Labor Day where he expressed his rejection of the labor reform promoted by Together for Change and called for measures to curb inflation.

“It is false and intentional to affirm that collective agreements are anachronistic. In their dynamics is the reasonable space for agreement and evolution of working and production conditions. It is necessary to debate the reduction of the working day to stimulate employment and distribute capital” , expressed the press secretary of the labor union, Jorge Alonewhen reading the document from the box set up on the club’s pitch Defenders of Belgrano. On stage were present Hector Daer and Carlos Acuna, two of the general secretaries that make up the triumvirate that leads the CGT. The third member, Pablo Moyanowas not present although his father attended Hugo Moyano.

sued “recreate the dialogue to come together in a consensus platform on 10 State policies that stimulate economic-productive potential, because it is not possible to resign oneself to the current levels of poverty and high inequality, which conspire against social cohesion”, and condemned “the irresponsibility with which the State indebtedness was contracted, the consequences of which are very burdensome”. Mentions of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

“It is urgent to rediscuss terms and guidelines in the conditions of the debt services committed to the International Monetary Fund. Fundamental economic variables, exogenous to the current administration, substantially modified the original scenario of the negotiations,” they held.

The CGT demanded to stop “the escalation of loss of wage purchasing power and price distortion due to inflation and the appropriation of extraordinary income by concentrated groups.”

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