The municipal elections of the next July 23th from the city of Córdoba are closer every day and the controversy over the two candidates for councilors of Rodrigo de Loredo that They are linked to drug trafficking continues to grow.

One of the cases is that of Jessica Rovetto Yapur: candidate number 10 on the list of candidates for councilors of Rodrigo DeLoredo. Rovetto is a partner and lawyer for Lucas Luciano Aguero who is being prosecuted in a case in which he is being investigated as a member of a drug gang for which he was asked to be removed from the candidacy.

in the last hours from Loredo He spoke about this situation and affirmed that if the candidates for councilors, whose relatives are investigated by the Justice, have some type of responsibility in the causes, he throws them out of his team.


After all these controversies, in the last hours a chat was known where the candidate for councilor responds to the lawyer Florence Epelbaum “I consult you as a lawyer, it does not occur to you to think that if I defend him it is because he is innocent… He is only a mechanic and he tied her up” Rovetto stated.

The candidate of from Loredo He assured that he will speak about this issue after the elections next Sunday and accused the media of misinforming “All the media that affirm instead of putting would have, could, would be, are incurring in misinforming and that is slander and insults.”

The chats of the De Loredo candidate related to a drug cause • Channel C

“When the elections are over, I will go out publicly to make the statement, at this time everything I say can be understood as a political attempt to interfere in the judiciary” ended.