Within the framework of the meeting of the National Executive Board of the Christian Democratic Party held today in Buenos Aires, the party authorities received the Governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, and unanimously approved a resolution inviting him to be a candidate for President of the Nation

At the meeting, in which Governor Schiaretti spoke of his vision of the country and the need for an anti-crack shipowner, to make Argentina a “normal country”.

After exposing about the generation of work and labor inclusion, the Governor emphasized that “there is no reason to enter into the ideological discussion, more than ideological, which on the one hand says that the State must set everything, even the price of a candy, and on the other, that it indicates that the State must disappear, which is what the two poles of the crack express”.

“Argentina has to get out of that trap. This discussion does not take place in other parts of the world as it does in this country. In Argentina, some say we have to dollarize, as if it were that simple. This is a “miracle measure”, I wonder how many dollars are needed so that people’s purchasing power does not fall. I think that in the current situation, the value of the dollar would be between 9,000 and 9,500 pesos to dollarize… There are no solutions miraculous and simplistic. This country has its complexity and it must have its currency, it cannot give up its currency, what we have to have is the attitude of the countries that have done well, that have progressed and that have managed to reduce poverty. As well as in our sister countries: Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Bolivia. They all have in common that they have balance and fiscal responsibility. It is not an ideological issue but common sense”, added Schiaretti.

More emphatically, he pointed out: “You cannot be arguing, the State does everything or the State disappears. There has to be as much market as possible and as much State as necessary. You can’t have that Byzantine discussion. If we had had that discussion in Córdoba, we would not have made the trunk gas pipelines (an investment of 900 million dollars) that allowed us to go from 2019 to today- from nine to 52 industrial parks because having gas in 98% of the Province , the entrepreneurs began to set up factories, the agricultural and industrial entrepreneurs; because now they have that essential fuel. And the state did. Now we need to have high-speed internet in the 427 localities, and we are putting it, there where a private company does not reach. Every inhabitant needs equal opportunities. That’s where the state should be.”

“What our country needs is an alternative that expresses production and work, that comes out of the crack that expresses the NO crack, that expresses those who get up every day to earn their bread. Argentines also need us to be a normal country, not the country of shouting and insults, the country where those who think differently must be destroyed instead of understanding that they are someone with whom they share values ​​and with whom they can build something superior.”

Lastly, he assured: “If we are capable of building this alternative, a coalition with other forces among those of us who want a country of production and work, a country that expresses the need to take care of the institutions, out of the damn crack, Argentina will leave behind so much time of decadence and begin to grow and be a normal country”.