Visiting Monte Cristo, Vice Governor Manuel Calvo highlighted the incorporation of the circular economy into production processes. He did so after touring the facilities of Mosaicos Blangino, a pioneer plant in the manufacture of “sustainable flats”made from the reuse of resources and in collaboration with public sector institutions dedicated to the collection and conditioning of recycling material.

“We have just seen how is the development of this family industry that has become an icon of our province, not only in the manufacture of mosaics, but also advancing in the incorporation of the circular economy into the manufacturing process”said the deputy governor in that locality of the Río Primero department.

Manuel Calvo stressed that “The circular economy is the new model of sustainable development.” “In this way we make a more environmentally friendly society, through the recycling and reuse of resources”he noted, also stressing that “recycling institutions are the key link between household waste and Blangino”.

“The circular economy is the new model of sustainable development” • Canal C

The new line of sustainable floors that Mosaicos Blangino is producing, replaces part of the aggregates with glass from bottles and jars, thus collaborating in the reduction of household waste. These resources are collected and prepared for reuse by NGOs, clubs, schools and municipalities, with an impact on the reduction of the use of non-renewable natural resources from the extractive industry.

The institutions provide the firm with clean glass, receiving in exchange square meters of sustainable floors destined for their own socio-community projects. The floors are made from cement and natural aggregates, which are replaced up to 17 percent by glass particles duly ground and recycled at the plant.

“The commitment of this family has been generating wealth for our province, incorporating skilled labor, providing jobs, while incorporating the needs of the market and getting ahead of the times”said the lieutenant governor.

It should be noted that Mosaicos Blangino produces between 2,000 and 2,500 square meters of flooring every day.