This Saturday, June 4, in the center of Córdoba, there will be a real party. Starting at 11:00 am, the Day of the Quartet will be celebrated on a large stage that will be set up on the esplanade of the Cabildo.

Within the framework of the 79th anniversary of the quartet, the Municipality of Córdoba, through the Ministry of Culture and Youth, will give rise to an open and free musical show for the entire city.

The municipality convenes to celebrate the “Tunga Tunga” together with Ayrton Gelfo and The Legacy of Carlitos Rolán, references of this Cordovan genre, La Gata Noelia and Lore Jiménez, two women with their own stamp and extensive experience in the Cordovan and national stages. .

In this way, with music as an encounter and closeness, it will be lived in the heart of Córdoba, what has been enjoyed and experienced in so many streets, squares, halls and homes in Córdoba for almost 80 years.

11:00 DJ
11:40 Ayrton Gelfo and La Leo
12:20 Noelia the Cat
13:00 The legacy of Carlitos Rolán
13:40 Lore Jimenez

The free admission.