In an age contemplated by technology, internet access for all citizens is something fundamental. Within the framework of the plan for the recovery and enhancement of public spaces, the Municipality of Cordoba completed the installation of the service free and free wifi in 109 squares and parks distributed throughout the city.

This is an initiative that the municipality carries out with the aim of recovering squares, parks and walks of the city, offering the residents modern green spaces, with first class infrastructure and services.

This project is launched by the management of the iMayor Martín Llaryora and is executed by General Directorate of Telecommunications and Connectivity, dependent on the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

More of 400 thousand people They are the ones that connect monthly through mobile phones, tablets and notebooksamong other mobile devices, so the Municipality of Cordoba invested more than 200 million pesos to provide the service in spaces recovered by the current management.

The service is kind dedicatedthat is, it guarantees users more access safe, stable and with high scale, regardless of the number of people who are connected simultaneously.


From north to south, along 21.3 kilometers from the Plaza de Arguello Lourdes neighborhood until the Los Algarrobos Park in the Santa Isabel neighborhood, second section.

From east to west, from the Quebrada de las Rosas neighborhood square until the Plaza Mansilla, in the Ituzaingó Annex neighborhood. Both green spaces are separated by more than 26.5 linear kilometers.

Among the 109 sites with free and free Wi-Fi are traditional city squaresas the Jerónimo del Barco in the Alto Alberdi neighborhood, the Rivadavia square in the Alta Córdoba neighborhood, the Lavalle and Urquiza squares in the San Vicente neighborhood and the Plaza de los Burros in the San Martín neighborhood, among other.

In the downtown area, it is now possible to connect to the Plaza Colón, Paseo Sobremonte, Plaza de la Intendencia-Héroes de Malvinas and in some sectors of the Sarmiento Parkamong other recently recovered public spaces.