This Tuesday, the Civic Center reported that the Total income of the Province of Córdoba fell 1% in real terms in the month of June; The total collection last month was 163.935 million pesoswhich means a nominal growth of the 110% compared to the same month of 2022.

However, if inflation for the period is discounted, the collection for June would be approximately bottom 1% to that of the same month last year. Provincial resources grew a 102% YoY in nominal terms. This implies, discounting the price increase, an approximate loss of 4% in real terms.

On the other hand, property taxes, with a participation of the 9% in the provincial collection, fell approximately one twenty% in real terms with respect to June 2022.

Among the resources of provincial origin, Gross Income, which explains the 80% of its own collection, that is, it had an increase of 113% YoY in nominal terms: 1% in real terms for the same period.

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