On May 26, 1976, the Córdoba Air Force invaded and intervened in the Colonia “Santa Maria de Punilla” Hospital. Hundreds of its employees were kidnapped, others declared redundant or laid off. Various pavilions of the Hospital were used for the detention of the kidnapped, where they were mistreated and tortured. After years of invisibility, it will be marked as one of the many centers of horror that operated in Córdoba during the civic-ecclesiastical-military dictatorship that began in 1976.

Starting at 10:30 a.m., national and provincial officials, militants, school delegations, and social and human rights organizations will plant a new memory mark in the interior of the province,

To find out more about what happened in that place, incorporated years ago into the Unified Registry of Victims of State Terrorism, it is convenient to view the documentary La Colonia, produced by ATE Córdoba years ago.