The Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation decided to postpone for 75 days the entry into force of resolution 2/21, which establishes the commercialization of meat by cutting. The decision responds “to the requests presented by the provinces regarding the need to strengthen issues related to implementation, control and logistics,” according to what was specified from the area led by Juan José Bahillo.

With the beginning of November, it was planned that meat dispatches from all slaughterhouses in the country destined for retail businesses (butcher shops and supermarkets) should be made in units resulting from the division of half carcasses into pieces, whose individual weights cannot exceed the 32 kilograms.

With the extension determined by the Government, in an extraordinary way, the new marketing mechanism will only be implemented on January 15, 2023.

From the Secretariat they explained that the postponement was arranged “so that the provinces and the actors that make up the chain, finish adapting what is necessary to begin with the implementation of this measure recommended by the International Labor Organization, which improves the conditions of the workers, so that they no longer carry on their shoulders half cattle of more than 100 kilos” and added that “it is also necessary for an issue related to bromatological care”.

On the other hand, they indicated that “a schedule of meetings with members of the meat chain will be maintained in the coming days to speed up the implementation of the measure.”