The Government published this Friday the list of the 1,700 products that will keep their price frozen for the next 120 days within the framework of the new Fair Prices program. The list includes products from the food, beverage, dairy, personal hygiene and cleaning sectors.

The program was made official through resolution 823, published this Friday in the Official Gazette, and from early on the complete list of Fair Prices through the official website.

Participating in the agreement are 100 companies that represent 86% of mass consumption in Argentina. Some of those participating are Molinos, Coca Cola, Unilever, Quilmes, Mastellone, AGD, Ledesma and Las Marías, among others. In addition, the supermarkets will be able to supply products from own brands.

In the field of milkFor example, La Serenissima fresh milk is included, for a liter at $215.28; UAT Long Life Skimmed milk from the Manfrey, Alimenta and Larclas brands, for one liter at $135.2; Casanto Long Life Whole milk, for a liter at $224.74; Check Long Life UAT Lactose Free milk for $214.92.

In soft drinks, the Coca Cola Light of 1.75 liters stands out at $357.35 and the Pepsi of 1.5 liters at $181; together with the own brands of supermarkets Gaseosa Light Cola Dia 2.25 liters for $178.88; Carrefour Regular Cola Soda 2.25 liters at $165.

In shampoo there are from Family Ceramides LIFE QUALITY of 950 ml at $479.64 to Force Reconstruction Pro-V Essent Pantene 750 cc at $1,530.12, the most expensive on the list.

In oils, there are 20 presentations of sunflower oil from the Cañuelas, Cocinero, Costa del Sol, Golden Chef, Ideal, Legítimo, Marolio, Natura and Zanoni brands. The cheapest is Zanoni Sunflower Oil for 1.5 liters at $359.96 and the most expensive are Cocinero and Cañuelas at $389.26.

In addition, various types of olive oil were included with prices ranging from $613 to $994 in different presentations. Pet Great Value Pure Olive Oil 500 cc for $709.97 or Dia Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 Ml for $808. The plan applies to thousands more products.

The agreement focused on two axes. On the one hand, all items entered with a price up to four percent above the average registered during October and will remain stable for 120 days.

On the other hand, the rest of the products sold by the firms that join the program will have a monthly increase guideline of up to four percent for the same 120 days in the sale price to supermarkets and wholesalers.