This Wednesday ended the trial that investigated the death of Katherine Saavedra, murdered in March 2021 by her former partner. The Court of the Third Chamber of Crime of Córdoba and the popular jury considered that her boyfriend Brando de ella Ariel Larrubia López killed the victim preterintentionally, that is, that there was no intent.

In this way, the culprit was sentenced to nine years and six months in prison for “preterintentional homicide qualified by the link” upon finding him as “criminally responsible author of minor injuries qualified by the link and for mediating gender violence”. A) Yes, The Justice determined that the death of the young woman was not a femicide. It should be remembered that Katherine died from blows to her entire body.

Given this resolution, the lawsuit, represented by the lawyer Antonella Pelanda, was in absolute disagreement with the sentence against Larrubia López. The lawyer said that “we are surprised, we are not satisfied at all” with the sentence imposed on the accused.